What is Devcoin?

Devcoin is an ethically inspired cryptocurrency created in 2011 to support open source programmers and writers worldwide. Devcoin will eventually fund all types of developers including hardware developers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers. Devcoin is one of the longest running blockchain based digital currencies.

What is Devcoin's purpose?

The purpose of Devcoin is to give money to open source developers for their work in as fair a manner as possible.

Is Devcoin proprietary software?

No, Devcoin is 100% free, open source software.

Where can I get a Devcoin wallet?

Please see the Devcoin Wallet page to download a Devcoin wallet for your operating system.

Where can I find support for Devcoin?

Please visit the Devcoin thread on the bitcointalk.org forums where someone will gladly provide you with assistance.

What is Devcoin's motto?

From the many, one

From one, the source

How are Devcoins created?

Devcoins are merge mined with Bitcoin, meaning Bitcoin miners can also mine for Devcoins at the same time without additional hardware.

Which algorithm does Devcoin use?

Devcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm.

How many Devcoins are there per mined block?

There are 50,000 coins per block, of which 90% goes to funding open source projects. 5,000 are given to miners, 45,000 are given to the people distributing Devcoins to artists and contributors.

How many Devcoins are in existence, and how many will there be?

There is no hard cap to the total number of Devcoins. As long as Devcoin exists, the annual increase of DVC will be approximately 2.6 billion DVC. The amount of Devcoins issued each year is fixed and therefore the annual inflation rate will decrease over time. The inflation rate is negligible compared to the potential value increase associated with cryptocurrencies in the years ahead.

Please see The Value of Devcoin on devtome.com for more information.

How can I mine Devcoins?

To merge mine Devcoins you can mine Devcoins as a secondary chain with P2Pool:


Where can I look up a Devcoin address and its balance?

You may view statistics about the Devcoin blockchain as well as individual addresses at the Devcoin Block Explorer.

Where can I view more analytical information about Devcoin, such as the current payout round, earnings and payouts?

The following pages contain a large amount of analytical and statistical Devcoin information:

How much is a Devcoin worth?

Like any currency or commodity, Devcoin's value fluctuates.

Where can I buy Devcoins?

Devcoins may be purchased at the following exchanges:

What can I buy with Devcoins?

Please see the Spend Devcoins page for a list of merchants and services that accept Devcoin.

How does purchasing Devcoin help open source developers and writers?

Many open source developers do not get a significant amount of money for their work, therefore they can only develop their projects in their spare time.

Devcoins provide an income for everyone who wants to work, even if they live in an area with more job seekers than jobs. With Devcoin, anyone who wants to earn some income is able to do so - anyone who does good work will get some Devcoins.

By buying and using Devcoins, you financially assist developers and give the world more open source software, books, music, art, and movies.

Are there other ways to earn Devcoins besides mining and purchasing them?

Yes, in fact, Devcoin's main purpose is to fund open source projects and writing.

Devcoin considers funding open source projects of all types, so if you know of a project that needs funding, please visit the Devcoin thread at the Bitcointalk Forum.

Current Devcoin bounties can be seen on Devtome.

The Devtome Wiki allows you to earn Devcoins by writing. Devtome pays writers directly, so you can write about what you want, when you want, from anywhere in the world.