The purpose of Devcoin is to give money to open source developers for their work in as fair a manner as possible.

Many open source developers do not get a significant amount of money for their work, therefore they can only develop their projects in their spare time.

Devcoins provide an income for everyone who wants to work, even if they live in an area with more job seekers than jobs. With Devcoin, anyone who wants to earn some income is able to do so - anyone who does good work will get some Devcoins.

By buying and using Devcoins, you financially assist developers and give the world more open source software, books, music, art, and movies.

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Devcoin Motto

From the many, one

From one, the source

Receiver files are used to load the addresses for payment into the mining operation. This is the first use of receiver files in cryptocurrency, and is a primary Devcoin innovation. Earnings are paid in rounds, which are in groups of blocks. A round is 4000 blocks. It's important to look at your Devcoin client to see at which block you are currently at in order to know when the round finishes and when you will receive earnings.

Each round developers get 180,000,000 DVC. The number of shares is divided into 180,000,000 to come up with the value per share. This fluctuates depending upon how much work is generated by contributors. Devcoin is the first cryptocurrency that is expressly made to compensate people for their open source and Creative Commons work.

The earnings are calculated at increments of 4000 blocks, minus lead time of 2700 blocks. The payout blocks start at rounds in increments of 4,000.

  • SHA-256 Algorithm
  • Merged mined with Bitcoin
  • 50,000 coins per block, 90% goes to funding developers
  • Coin supply is constant

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